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Project Recycling Store

From 2015 onwards garments and equipment (furniture, toys) from the Netherlands, which cannot be used in Mabel's Cottage, sold at low prices in the Recycling Store to the local population.

The objective is to obtain (own) revenue for the Foundation Mabel's Cottage in Freetown, for the purpose of accommodating the young pregnant women and their children. In addition, these young women can participate in the store and so gain experience in dealing with customers and with money (as a learning school for any private entrepreneurship). If performing well girls can earn a bonus.

The recycling store is located in an area of Mabel's Cottage and is managed by the Foundation Mabel's Cottage in Sierra Leone. The shop is open often every day after school for the women so that they can actually participate in it. Maintenance and storage takes place within the premises of Mabel's Cottage.

Sales revenue are estimated € 600, - or more per year.

 Because the cost of transporting the goods from the Netherlands are for account of the Foundation in the Netherlands and because the shop is in the house itself, and the girls are not paid when working at the shop, no rent or energy expenses have to be paid and the expenses for 2016 are negligible and consequently the revenues can fully benefit Mabel's Cottage itself.

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