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Project Bakery

At the beginning of 2017 we received a request from Sierra Leone to help start up a bakery. There was an extensive business plan with an inventory list of materials needed to start the bakery. Mabel's Cottage Sierra Leone has the need to become self-sufficient and of course we welcome the idea.
In the Netherlands a mini bus was bought for the transport of the bread. The bread will be mainly sold to hotels and schools, but private customers are definitely welcome.
In July 2017 there was a baking competition to publicize the bakery, which was a great success.
The bakery has been running since August. A clay oven has been built and various small utensils for the bakery have been purchased in the Netherlands.
The dough mixer did not work properly, so the baker had to knead the dough manually. Because of this we could not meet the demand for sufficient bread.
We will also start a lunchbox project. Every morning lunch boxes will be made for the school children with bread, drinks and some extras this will be sold at reasonable price.

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