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The two biggest problems in Sierra Leone

The two biggest problems Sierra Leone is currently struggling with, are a poor health care and inadequate education. Seventy percent of the people of this West African country live below the poverty level. The life of a vast majority of the inhabitants aimed at daily survival.

When women become pregnant, as youngster the husband is usually not present and they are forced to stop their training. Pregnancies are often unwanted, and in a lot of the cases the result of rape.

Care for pregnant teenagers in Sierra Leone

Especially girls and women in Sierra Leone are in a difficult position, because they rarely get the chance to develop as a result of poverty and discrimination. A (unwanted) pregnancy makes their position even more difficult, especially if the woman is young and no will longer be tolerated in the family and in school. The single girls remain deprived of protection and development. 34% of all pregnancies involves teens (13-19 year old girls) and 40% of maternity mortality occurs in this group.

The objective of Mabel’s Cottage Foundation

The purpose of Mabel's Cottage Foundation is to help single pregnant teenagers in Sierra Leone, to build a future for themselves and for their child. The Foundation does this by taking care of these teenagers for about 18 months providing a home with shelter and guidance before, during and after childbirth.

By the reception in Mabel's Cottage the maternal and child health is improved and the mortality rate in the country will be lower.

With the help of additional general- and vocational training, the teenagers become more self-sufficient and more independent and they become more self-supporting regarding her own life and the life of their child.

When leaving Mabel's Cottage after 18 months, the teenagers are looked after in searching for suitable housing and a job. Mabel's Cottage also remains available for the aftercare with basic support.

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